GA Bank Statement Mortgage Lenders Business Owners No Tax Returns Needed

GA Bank Statement Mortgage Lenders Business Owners No Tax Returns Needed

More often than not Georgia self-employed mortgage applicants are having a very hard time getting a approval by Georgia mortgage lenders.  So Georgia business owners run into issues when buying a home.  At Georgia mortgage lenders have a mortgage loan option which is lenient on previous credit issues. And more importantly it allows us to use the borrower’s bank statements to calculate income.  Our no tax return Georgia mortgage program is becoming more popular with Georgia self-employed home buyers. As a result, our Georgia bank statement only mortgage lenders are filling a much needed void for many of Georgia self-employed.


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No Tax Returns Georgia Bank Statement Only Mortgage Lenders– Benefits of Bank Statement Only Georgia Mortgage Lenders

  • Flexible Credit Scores Down To 600
  • Minimum Down Payments As Low As 10%
  • Up to $2,000,000 loans

Georgia Mortgage Applicants with at least 10% down have access to the bank statement only mortgage and is more forgiving in the areas of credit.  Unlike FHA, Fannie, Freddie, or VA, there are no tax returns required.

NO TAX RETURN GEORGIA MORTGAGE LENDERS!– Characteristics of the Bank Statement Mortgage include:

  • Min 2 years Self employed only
  • Min Loan Amount 150K
  • Min 600 Fico
  • Must be 2 years in the same line or work!
  • Average 24 months bank statements needed.
  • Required signed P&L from a licensed accountant
  • Single Family Home, Town home, Villa, Condo OK!
  • Case by case reserves required.

NO TAX RETURNS REQUIRED ONLY GEORGIA BANK STATEMENTS!  Ga Bank statement mortgage average requirements

  • Personal bank accounts: 100% of deposits, averaged over 24 months
  • Business accounts: 100% gross deposits minus expenses of P and L over 24 months.

NO TAX RETURNS REQUIRED! – If you are self employed and want to purchase a Georgia home by using bank statements and a profit and loss, give our team a call to discuss your Georgia mortgage options.


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