For a Georgia mortgage to be considered a “jumbo”, the mortgage loan amount must exceed conventional conforming Georgia loan limit set by two government-sponsored enterprises – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  These two government owned entities set the limit on the maximum value for any individual Georgia mortgage they will purchase from a Georgia mortgage lender. Currently, the conforming Georgia mortgage loan limit is $424,100  for a one-unit home  – meaning, if you need to borrower any amount over the loan limit of $424,100  you will require a  jumbo Georgia mortgage.

The FHFA raised the Georgia conforming loan limit from $417,000 to $424,100, the first increase since 2006. Now any loan amount of 424,000 is considered a Georgia jumbo mortgage!

In some cases, there are loan products that have elevated conforming loam limits, which give borrowers the ability to obtain mortgages exceeding the normal $424,100 . The availability of these loans varies by county. The U.S. Housing Department has a useful tool on their website, in which you can find limits in each state/county.

For further information on jumbo loans, Apply Now and our mortgage professionals will review your loan options and help you figure out whether a jumbo loan is right for you.


Our bad credit Georgia mortgage professional offer a full range of the best Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgage Programs including Super Jumbo Bad Credit Mortgage programs for high-income Georgia borrowers who want to own a home in the Sunshine State. Whether you’re purchasing a home to be a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment property, we can make it a smooth and straightforward process. Give us a call today at 1-954-667-9110 or use our no obligation Full Application for a free consultation!


  • Rates starting in the low 6’s
  • Loans up to $1 million
  • Credit scores down to 500
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Combo loans up to 85% with
  • (min 680 score)
  • 100% gift funds allowed
  • DTI up to 50% considered
  • 7/1 ARM or 30-year fixed
  • 1 day after Foreclosure, Short sale, BK, 
  • Owner-occupied, 2nd homes, and investment properties
  • Non-warrantable condos considered
  • Jumbo Mortgage Loans loans down to 500 score
  • No pre-pay penalty for owner-occ and 2nd homes
  • No active tradelines OK with housing history
  • SFRs, townhomes, condos, 2-4 units
  • Seller concessions to 6% (2% for investment

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Georgia Jumbo Bad Credit Loan Program

Are you seeing your loans delayed? US Mortgage Lenders

average turn time is 1-2 days in underwriting.

  • Jumbo Loans to $2+ million
  • (Ask for higher loan amount exceptions)
  • No mortgage insurance
  • Interest Only available
  • Up to 90% LTV/CLTV
  • Credit Scores down to 500
  • No seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, BK
  • 24-month bank statement program (personal and business) for self-employed borrowers
  • Owner-occ, 2nd homes and investment properties
  • Direct access to your underwriters

The advice we give our mortgage clients tends to be conservative and commonsense. We know the high risk of an adjustable rate mortgage program may not add value for your Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgages when such low fixed rate luxury home financing is still available to most borrowers.

With a mild climate and vibrant economy, Georgia continues to attract high-income residents. From Palm Beach County to Collier County to Sarasota County, well-to-do home buyers are finding superb value in the current real estate market financing for luxury homes and condominiums. For a real estate bargain to stay a bargain, it must be financed with a home loan that meets the long-term objectives of the owner. There really is nothing worse than a luxury home mortgage that turns your Georgia luxury home into a financial burden.

To make financing the purchase of a Georgia executive home easy, our home loan firm offers these Mortgage programs to our Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders mortgage clients:

  • Fixed Rate Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgages:
  • 30 Year Fixed
  • 20 Year Fixed
  • 15 Year Fixed
  • Specialty Georgia Mortgage Programs:
  • No Income Verification Mortgage Programs
  • Stated Income and Stated Assets Mortgage Programs
  • Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Georgia mortgages with  periods of 1,3,5,7 and 10 years

Although Georgia real estate values have risen recently, the conventional loan limits have not increased. As a result, more and more Georgia homes require a Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders or even a Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgage to purchase or refinance, especially for Floridians planning to find homes in higher cost Georgia counties such as Palm Beach County or Broward County.

A mortgage for a single family home in Georgia that is above 417k is a Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgage; any home loan for purchase of a one unit dwelling that is above 650k is a Georgia Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgage. Because these loans are for amounts higher than the set limits for mortgages that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can buy in the secondary market – lenders must bundle Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders loans for sale to private Investors or keep them in house as portfolio loans. For this reason, lenders typically charge a small interest rate premium for Georgia Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgages.

We invite those seeking financing for a luxury Bad credit Georgia home to bring us the best good faith estimate from any Georgia Mortgage Lender. We have been helping families get the best rates on Georgia Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders or Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders mortgages since 1997 and we have consistently delivered the best combination of terms, rate, and fees. Call 1-954-667-9110 for a no obligation quote on a mortgage to finance your Georgia dream home.

When it comes time to buying your Georgia dream home in Dade County or any of the other high-dollar real estate markets that our mortgage company serves, we can offer you outstanding rates and terms from the pick of Georgia lenders. We offer outstanding specialty loan programs with alternate documentation for foreign nationals. We also offer Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders no income verification programs for applicants who own their own businesses.

Even if your credit is not perfect, you can still secure surprisingly good terms on a Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders or Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgage. A few of our lenders do not resell these loans in the secondary market at all, so they have significant underwriting latitude because the loan is completely “in-house”. Call 1-954-667-9110 or use our secure online Full Application form and a licensed mortgage professional will call you back at the time you specify.

Many affluent Home Buyers are surprised at the role their credit report plays in getting an application for a Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders or Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders loan approved. In some cases, the lender’s underwriting department is far more interested in the appraisal or the likelihood of your continued employment in a high wage occupation than just your credit scores. Whether you are seeking a Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders home loan for the purchase of a primary residence, vacation home, or 1-4 unit investment property, please call 1-954-667-9110 to speak with FHA Mortgage Programs.com, Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Loan Specialist.

We have the best programs from the pick of Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders mortgage lenders to draw upon as we search for the perfect mortgage program to meet your particular borrowing needs. We are a low-key mortgage company that will listen carefully to your requirements and ask the right questions before we apply our knowledge of mortgage and Georgia lenders on your behalf.

Your Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders or Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders mortgage or Refinance is a big financial commitment. We’ll deliver expert advice and professional, courteous, and friendly mortgage service to you from application to closing. As Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Mortgage and Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders Home Lending Specialists we have helped many Floridians manage the details of a purchase money mortgage or a refi quickly and confidentially. Please call us today at 1-954-667-9110 or use our Full Application for a no cost and no obligation quote on your next Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders or Super Georgia Bad Credit Jumbo Lenders mortgage.





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